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The Hague Innovators for a better world

The Hague Innovators Challenge 2022

Do you have an innovative idea that solves a global challenge? Join The Hague Innovators Challenge and get the chance to win a prize between € 5.000 to € 25.000.

The world is becoming more complex and societal issues are increasing on a global scale. At the same time, issues such as safety, energy, climate, and food have a huge impact on the lives of people living in cities.

With the The Hague Innovators Challenge, the municipality of The Hague challenges startups, scale-ups, and students to present their innovative ideas for global issues, as described in the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Who can apply?

Startups and students from The Hague region. Are you not yet based in The Hague? Then we need a declaration of intent, which shows that you will settle in The Hague if you win a prize.


  • Pre-startups: You have an innovative idea or company in the starting phase that contributes to a better world. Your company has not existed for more than one year.
  • Startups: You have an innovative company that contributes to a better world. Your company has existed for a minimum of one year and a maximum of five years.

What can you win?

. The Audience prize of € 5.000,

. the Pre-startup prize of € 10.000

. or the Startup-up prize of € 25.000.

Participation conditions:

  • Chamber of Commerce number with the location in The Hague or the intention to move to The Hague.
  • The project will start in The Hague in 2022.
  • Bonus: It is an advantage if the project is carried out with at least one company, knowledge institution or (NGO/UN) organization, located in The Hague.


August 1 – 28, 2022: Registrations open.

Describe your idea, company, concept or technique in the registration form. Convince us that your plan is innovative and contributes to a better world. Based on the action plan, we choose 4 nominees per category.

September 9, 2022: Announcement of the nominees.

September and October 2022: Substantive program for the nominees.

The nominees receive a substantive program aimed at further development and the growth of the plan or organization. At the end of the substantive program, all nominees submit a definitive action plan and this is pitched to a professional jury. The jury chooses one winner per category.

November 15, 2022: Announcement of the winners during ImpactFest.

Registrations are closed

Applications were open from August 1 – 28.