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Nominees The Hague Innovators

October 2, 2023

These are the nominees of the Hague Innovators challenge 2023

Last Friday, a five-member jury selected eight impact organizations from all the entries to compete for the “Hague Innovator 2023 ” title. In the coming weeks, they will work fine-tuning their strategy and pitch. With a diverse range of innovative start-ups and scale-ups, it promises to be a great competition.

Selection criteria and jury

The Haagse Vernieuwers challenge, an initiative of the municipality of The Hague, encourages innovative disruptors to tackle global problems and change the future. Critical criteria for nomination include:

  • Is it a solution to an international social issue?
  • Does it have an elaborate and profitable business model?
  • How innovative is the idea, product, or service?
  • Is it feasible and scalable?
  • What value does this idea, product, or service bring to The Hague as an ImpactCity?

This year, the jury comprises five professionals working in The Hague’s impact ecosystem. They all have an affinity with sustainable innovation and work with impact entrepreneurs from The Hague. The jury consists of Niels Schoonen ( Investment Manager at UNIIQ), Dyon Veenboer (Account manager SME start-ups & scale-ups, Rabobank), Irene Samwel (Sr. Account Manager, ImpactCity), Martin Luxemburg (Director Education, Unknown Group) and Mirjam Niessen (Principal Investments, DOEN Participaties).

De genomineerden van 2023

After careful consideration, the jury selected eight organizations to be considered for the title “Hague Innovators 2023.

  • biaNergy: next-level technology in power transfer via air;
  • Feelou: produces maternity bras that grow with the body;
  • GreenAnt: uses satellite insights to develop climate change solutions;
  • Kwebbel: digital solution for (lonely) elderly people;
  • Nuboxed: contributes to the circular economy by providing solutions for refurbishing electronics;
  • Scribit.Pro: makes online videos accessible to everyone using software developed in-house;
  • TechTics: developed a mobile robot called TinTrooper, where you can drop off cans;
  • Wattrogen: revolutionizing wind energy in urban and metropolitan areas.

“I love brainstorming with startups about their innovative ideas. So, the importance of ImpactCity’s Hague Innovators challenge is obvious. I believe that only through innovation and collaboration can we solve today’s challenges.”

Niels Schoonen, UNIIQ

Announcing finalists

The nominees go through a substantive program focused on the further development and growth of the organization. At the end of the program, all nominees submit a final plan of action, which is pitched to a professional jury during the leading impact event in Europe: ImpactFest! The winners receive cash prizes ranging from 2,500 to 15,000 euros.

Read more about the challenge here and keep an eye on our socials in the coming weeks.

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