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Vote now for your favorite Hague Innovator of 2023!

October 27, 2023
The annual Hague Innovators challenge brings together The Hague’s top out-of-the-box thinkers and doers. With winners from previous editions such as Naïf Care, Weco, and North Sea Farmers, the Hague Innovators is now an established challenge in The Hague. The jury has selected eight startups from all entries for the Hague impact challenge of the year. And now it’s your turn!

The selected group of startups followed a trajectory of training courses aimed at further development and growth of the plan or organization.

As in previous years, the final is part of the program of the most significant impact meetup in Europe: ImpactFest. There, all nominees will get to pitch their innovative solutions to an audience that includes entrepreneurs, investors, knowledge institutions, policymakers and governments. The Hague Innovators jury will then choose one winner in two prize categories. The audience determines the final prize category – you! The winners receive cash prizes ranging from €2,500 to €15,000.

Audience award

You can now cast your vote for the public award. Voting is open from Friday, October 27 until Monday, November 6, 12:00 pm. The winners of the challenge will be announced during ImpactFest on November 7, 2023.

These are the selected finalists:


Next level technology in power transfer.

biaNergy develops ground-breaking technology that enables wireless transfer of the electricity on-air. By coupling the Magnetic Resonance Technology (MRT) with the Radio Frequency technology (RF or RFT) they enable electronic/electrical equipment to power and/or charge, independently from cables or inductive charging, over distance.


The maternity bra that feels good for 9+ months.

Feelou produces maternity bras that grow with your body. Because when you’re pregnant, your breasts change. So, how nice is it when you have a bra that moves with you? That’s why Feelou developed the durable Feelou® maternity bra. One super-comfortable bra that continuously adapts to you. Because with a bra that always feels right, you can do your thing.


Propelling climate action through satellite data and AI.

Through sophisticated data analysis, GreenAnt creates insights and products to make climate resilience accessible and profitable—for farmers, companies, and the broader public. Their products and insights are available through Desidera, an interactive map and marketplace.


Grandparents are finally joining in digitally!

Is a smartphone or computer too complicated? Kwebbel is the digital godsend for seniors who are not digitally proficient! Ask if things worked out with the medication—or video call to see if everything is going well. And if there’s anything, Grandma can reach you at the touch of a button. Kwebbel offers the solution with its tablet and subscription.


Bringing trust and speed to the circular economy.

Nuboxed contributes to the circular economy by providing solutions for refurbishing electronics. The preowned electronics market has always been challenged by manual processes and variable quality – resulting in slow turnaround and trust deficit.

As such, the industry remains largely unstructured, even in the face of unprecedented growth, as more new consumers choose to opt for refurbished products every day. Nuboxed is fundamentally changing this pattern – from the inside.  


Collecting cans using mobile robot TinTrooper.

TechTics‘ TinTrooper aims to combat the problem of cans littering our streets and natural environments, totaling as many as 150 million cans a year. This advanced and innovative mobile robot is designed for the outdoor collection of cans, complementing existing collection points such as supermarkets. TinTrooper collects cans, efficiently compresses them, and issues a QR code for hassle-free deposit processing.


Revolutionizing wind energy in urban & metropolitan areas.

Wattrogen is on a mission to accelerate the energy transition and address the pressing issue of climate change. They do this with high-efficiency vertical-axis wind turbines. Cities are leading the fight against climate change and our turbines are revolutionizing urban wind energy, turbine by turbine.

Cast your vote here

The voting period ends at noon on November 6.

All finalists in brief:

  • biaNergy: next-level technology in power transfer via air;
  • Feelou: produces maternity bras that grow with the body;
  • GreenAnt: uses satellite insights to develop climate change solutions;
  • Kwebbel: digital solution for (lonely) elderly people;
  • Nuboxed: contributes to the circular economy by providing solutions for refurbishing electronics;
  • TechTics: developed a mobile robot called TinTrooper, where you can drop off cans;
  • Wattrogen: revolutionizing wind energy in urban and metropolitan areas.

The voting period ended at noon on November 6. The voting form is therefore closed.

Want to visit the finale?

Find more information about ImpactFest on the website of the event.