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Cast your vote for The Hague Innovators challenge 2022!

November 1, 2022
The annual The Hague Innovators challenge brings together The Hague’s top out-of-the-box thinkers and doers. With winners from previous editions such as Naïf Care, Greenfox, and North Sea Farmers, The Hague Innovators is now an established challenge in the city. From all submissions, the jury selected three pre-startups and five startups for The Hague’s impact challenge of the year. And now it’s your turn to cast your vote!

How do we solve social issues around sustainability, energy, climate, food, and safety in The Hague? With the The Hague Innovators challenge, the municipality of The Hague challenges organisations and students to present innovative ideas around social issues on a yearly basis.

The selected group of eight startups followed a 10-week course aimed at further developing and growing the plan or organisation. With the help of training sessions, they worked on their business plan.

This year’s final is part of the program of the biggest impact meetup in Europe: ImpactFest. There, all nominees will get the chance to pitch their innovative solutions to an audience that includes entrepreneurs, investors, knowledge institutions, policymakers, and governments. The jury of The Hague Innovators will then choose one winner in each category. The winners will receive cash prizes ranging from €5,000 to €25,000.

Audience award

For the audience award, you can cast your vote now. Voting is possible from Tuesday November 1 until Tuesday November 14 at noon. The winners of the challenge will be announced during ImpactFest on November 15, 2022.

The three selected finalists in the category PRE-STARTUPS:


BeeSage: Making The Hague the first city in the world with fully connected urban apiaries, enabling data-driven beekeeping for productivity and sustainability.


YouthLead: Making entrepreneurship programs accessible for a younger generation to develop their leadership skills and generate innovative solutions for sustainable development.

Natural Waste

Natural Waste: Making the beauty industry as circular as possible. 

The five selected finalists in the category STARTUPS:


Sibö: A biotechnology company focused on the development and supply of efficient, clean, and easy-to-incorporate insect-based food ingredients and water-soluble proteins with all essential amino acids.


WECO: Develops innovative solutions to produce electricity from ocean waves.


Reprex: Makes big data reliable and accountable, delivering trustworthy analytics and AI solutions.


STRHIVE: Develops a software tool for organisational learning. By redefining the way to capture, access, and apply learnings, organisations can rethink the way to do international development.


ECOBLOQ: Designs and builds houses with bio-based materials. Small houses or larger houses, but always comfortable, healthy, and nature inclusive. 

Cast your vote here

All finalists in short:

  • Beesage: data-driven beekeeping in the city
  • YouthLead: entrepreneurship programs for young generations
  • Natural Waste: making the beauty industry circular
  • Sibö: innovative and sustainable food ingredients
  • WECO: producing electricity with waves in the ocean
  • Reprex: makes big data reliable and accountable
  • STRHIVE: software tool for organisational learning
  • ECOBLOQ: designs and builds houses with bio-based materials

The voting period ended on November 14th 12:00.


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