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Financing in the scale-up phase

Finance your scale-up with more impact

Your company has survived the first few years and has a stable business model. You have successfully launched a product or service and are ready for the next step. Whether you want to scale up or enter new markets, this almost always requires an investment.

This is known as “seed money”, “seed investment”, or “seed capital”. Whatever you want to call it, the more important question is of course: what is the best way to approach this? View the options below.

Financing opportunities for scale-ups

Venture philantropy

Stichting DOEN helps people who are willing to take risks to realise ideas that change the world for the better.

DRK Foundation supports pioneers who are committed to a green, social, and creative society.

WeShare supports social entrepreneurs and students who want to achieve the UN’s SDGs and bring about positive change.

Venture capital

There are many Seed Capital funds, each specialising their investments in a field such as healthcare, impact, IT, or transport.

Through the seed capital fund of the Dutch government, every tech starter can receive funding between € 50,000 and € 500,000.

Future Food Fund provides seed capital for tech startups involved in food and agriculture.

Unknown Group focuses on a liveable future in 2050 and supports starting entrepreneurs who contribute to this.

4Impact supports ambitious tech4good entrepreneurs who are working on the transition to a sustainable world.

Shaping Impact Group provides growth capital to progressive social enterprises that build a better future for people and the environment.

PYMWYMIC is a creative network for impact investors. This global movement aims to shift capital toward a positive impact.

Goodwell Investments supports companies that deliver essential goods and services to un(der)served populations, bringing greater economic inclusion to their communities.

Polestar Capital finances what others don’t, and what is vital to accelerate positive climate action.

DOEN Participaties supports starting sustainable social entrepreneurs with a positive impact on society.

Invest International invests in Dutch solutions for global challenges.

IQ Capital is a fund for investments in innovative companies, from startups to scale-ups and mature SMEs in South Holland.

Energiiq is a fund to finance the commercialisation of proven energy innovations that lead to CO2 reduction.

Innovation credit

The Innovation credit is government funding (by RVO) to support the development of innovative technology with a market perspective.

Micro credit

You can apply for microcredit up to € 25,000 via Qredits. Qredit is an independent and private lender, especially for entrepreneurs.

There are also some interesting seed-funding platforms. Both Get Funded and Uniiq have extensive options for applying for funds.

Tip: R&D tax relief

The WBSO tax scheme for R&D is intended to encourage entrepreneurs to invest in research. With the WBSO (Promotion of Research and Development Act) companies can reduce wage costs for R&D and other R&D expenditures, such as making prototypes or purchasing research equipment. You can deduct these costs from the Tax and Customs Administration in your tax return.

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