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The Hague gives your idea space to experiment

Facilitate experiment

Innovation and creation require an open climate with space to experiment and interact to stimulate economic activity. With an ambitious mindset where entrepreneurs dare to take risks and dare to fail. To be attractive as a city for startups and talent, we create a culture of innovation and creativity. Places for experiment, appealing events and creating a creative test 

environment promote social interaction. For this reason, The Hague focuses on programs, events and physical places where there is room for experimentation and crossovers between organizations, knowledge institutes, companies and creative professionals.

The Hague Innovators

At various companies located in The Hague, innovative products and services are being developed in the field of global challenges.

To make this visible and to stimulate new initiatives, a first edition of the Hague Innovators competition took place in 2014. With this annual competition we challenge entrepreneurs from The Hague to present their innovative solutions for global challenges.

A number of participating entrepreneurs will receive a financial incentive to further develop their own concept and to scale up their business.

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