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Toegang tot kapitaal voor jouw impact onderneming

Get access to new capital for your business

Finance your impact company

Whatever stage your impact company is in, you need financing to grow your business. That is why ImpactCity sees access to capital as one of the most important pillars for a powerful impact ecosystem.

The number of opportunities to finance an innovative idea has increased enormously in recent years. We make sure that you can see the forest through the trees.

Financing type by phase

There are many ways you can finance your business. But which type of financing best suits the phase your company is in? And how do you take the first step?

The life phase of your company is important in the search for financing for your impact company. Our partner Yes!Funded has made a clear overview of all forms of financing available to technology companies based on the life phase of a company. We have adapted this overview for impact companies.


ImpactCity regularly organizes events about financing options for your company where startups can get in touch with investors. Do you want to stay informed about these events? Sign up for the ImpactCity newsletter at the bottom of this page.

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