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Give your startup a first financial impulse

Pre-seed funding

Pre-seed funding, also known as pre-seed capital or pre-seed money, is the small investment you need to get your business started. This money can come from friends, family or investors. Sometimes the people who invest money get a stake in your company in exchange. There are several interesting pre-seeding platforms. Another pre-seed funding option is crowdfunding.

Pre-seeding platforms

Are you looking for a small investment? There are many companies and entrepreneurs willing to invest in startups and help you to gain market access. Try these pre-seeding funding platforms to start:

Sping is the partner for startups building web applications and online platforms. From the first concept to a perfect application.

Tygermom is the navigator for both startups and businesses that want to accelerate and grow.


Small amounts of money from friends, family or strangers who belief in your business can make a lot of difference. Crowdfunding is a popular seed funding option for startups. Present your idea on one of the many crowdfunding platforms and once the first backing is in you will see the great potential of crowdfunding. Check the following platforms:

Kickstarter has over 14 million backers and over 125.000 projects already funded.

Indiegogo offers a platform for funding, but also a marketplace with the newest innovations.

Early stage accelerators

There are several impact accelerator programs in The Hague. Gain access to their investments, training facilities and network of experts when you are starting a business in The Hague. Take a look at:

World Startup Factory helps founders build start-ups with positive impact goals.

Truvalu Startups (formerly known as Impact Booster), supports radical innovation and helps start-ups become scalable.

Foodstars is the platform for those who work on smart farming to provide an expanding population with food. The focus is: social, health and ecological impact.

Andere financiële diensten voor startups