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Social Enterprise Monitor The Hague


Social Enterprise Monitor The Hague 2021-2022

Social and sustainable entrepreneurs in The Hague still experience many bottlenecks in finding suitable financing, according to the Social Enterprise Monitor The Hague 2021 – 2022. For example, 41% indicate that they lack patient capital. Entrepreneurs also experience a lack of recognition from banks and investors.

That is a pity because the same research shows that social and sustainable enterprises contribute to the economy in The Hague: the turnover of 80% of the companies has grown in the past year and the number of FTEs has also grown by 64%.

Social enterprises want to make the world a better place. It’s not about their own business, but they are working on a transition to an impact economy by positively influencing other companies. 48% of social entrepreneurs indicate that they actively disseminate their knowledge about innovations.

A good example is Seepje, a company in The Hague that recently shared the recipe for its natural all-purpose cleaner with its competitors via a full-page advertisement in the Volkskrant in order to accelerate the transition to more sustainable detergents and cleaning products.

In addition, almost half of the social enterprises advocate a more sustainable and social purchasing policy. And 1 in 5 companies aims to set new standards and norms in the sectors in which they are active. All of this is evident from the 2021 Social Enterprise Monitor, the largest annual survey of social enterprises and industry developments.

This year’s Social Enterprise Monitor is part of Euclid Network’s European Social Enterprise Monitor (ESEM) and is made possible in part by ImpactCity.

As one of Europe’s leading ecosystems for impact entrepreneurs, ImpactCity supports impact entrepreneurs in, among other things, finding financing, housing, infrastructure, network and visibility. We believe that doing good and doing business go hand in hand.

Are you an impact entrepreneur and do you recognize the bottlenecks from the monitor? Check out our homepage to see what we can do for you. For example, there is currently the Make Impact, Get funding program to help you obtain a subsidy.

Note: The report is available in Dutch only.

About the Social Enterprise Monitor

In the above fact sheet, you can see the findings from the Social Enterprise Monitor The Hague 2021-2022. These findings are based on the answers from social enterprises in The Hague, as part of a national and European questionnaire. You can download the national Social Enterprise Monitor 2021-2022 here. The European country comparison will be published in the course of 2022. This research was conducted by Social Enterprise NL, within the initiative of the ESEM (European Social Enterprise Monitor), in collaboration with ImpactCity The Hague and Social Club.