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Give your startup leverage with financial backup

Business loans

You can also borrow money from a bank, investment fund or even family in the form of a loan. A loan and any interest calculated on it have to be repaid.

A bank loan

Even though it has become more difficult for startups to take out a bank loan it is worth investigating. Banks also have a lot of experience and can give you advice.

The Rabo Impact Loan is a special loan for impact startups from Dutch Bank Rabobank. They even help finance innovations if there is a positive impact.

The ABN AMRO Digital Impact fund invests in innovative startups and scale-ups specializing in the digitization of financial products and services. The bank is investing in companies that have already launched a product and have entered the growth phase, preferably European FinTechs that can further develop and improve the digital experience for their clients.

The ING Fintech Fund aimes at investing in fintech companies and to accelerate the pace of innovation.

A family loan

A loan from family can sound like a quick, easy and cheap solution. Make sure Dutch Tax and Customs Administration (Belastingdienst) can make out the difference between a loan and a gift from a family member.

Proof-of-concept funding

Startups can use a loan from the Proof-of-concept funding scheme to examine whether their idea is potentially feasible on the market. The loan and the interest calculated on it have to be repaid.

Micro credits

You might also want to try micro credits via Qredits which can fund op to €50.000.

Other financing services for startups