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Business Angels

Business angels: wealthy individuals who invest in your company

Business angels, also known as angel investors, are an important source of capital in the early phase. Business angels are often wealthy individuals who put their own money into a new company. Ideally, the angel investor is an entrepreneur himself or has been in the past, so that he can make his experience and network available to the startup in addition to capital. With a thorough proposal and a convincing pitch where the market potential is clear, you have a good chance of obtaining venture capital from an early-stage angel investor.

  • PVS Investments is an angel investment fund of Pjotr van Schothorst that focuses on investments in impact startups that have innovative solutions in the field of clean energy and energy storage (SDG 7, 9, and 13).
  • Impact Tech Ventures is a business angel duo consisting of Hendrik Halbe and Edward de Jager. They focus on companies that contribute to the new economy, in particular, the new way of learning, working, and caring.
  • European Business Angels Network (EBAN) supports startups and connects them with financiers. EBAN also offers a knowledge centre.
  • SEED Business Angel arrangement focuses on improving the financing of creative and tech startups, and during the early life phase.
  • De InvesteerdersClub is a network of business angels. For entrepreneurs, the club is an accessible opportunity to meet investors in an informal setting.
  • BANN (Business Angels Networks Netherlands) represents the most important business angels and financing networks in The Netherlands.
  • The Hague Student Investment Fund offers financing for enterprising students in The Hague region.
  • Online platforms to find other business angels: Golden Egg Check, Startup Fountain and Leapfunder.

Other financing possibilities