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The Impacters – the right communication to share your impact message

FEBRUARY 18, 2020

Meet The Impacters, a design driven company with the focus on supporting brands, companies and NGO’s in making impact. By developing communication services, they are helping companies tell their purpose and story With that, they fight for a positive impact. Curious? Keep on reading!
Making impact

The Impacters believe that any positive impact can help our planet. Their main focus is Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) number 12: responsible consumption and production. Many years of experience in the business jungle of Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), taught them what challenges there are in this industry. The founders of The Impacters, as vegans, also feel deeply related to SDG 14 and 15: life below water and life on land.

The first step when helping a company is cutting out all the unnecessary distractions and building the right proposition. When this is achieved, they co-develop the brand story and design all that is needed to communicate the product, service or story. “Our impact lies within the success of our clients”, explains Jeff van Dijk, one of the founders of The Impacters. “As a company we live to support social activity in our neighborhood, minimize our footprint by following a delicious plant based diet and promote animal welfare”.

Why Apollo 14

The Impacters recently opened the doors of their new office in Apollo 14 and they couldn’t wish for a better place to hold office.“The similar minds, nice office and communal spaces and all kinds of connections with fellow impact organizations, are the reasons to move to Apollo 14”.

Also they found it interesting not to be in the obvious surrounding like Amsterdam. For The Impacters, The Hague has a different and attractive international positioning as city of peace and justice and ImpactCity. “The Impacters in ImpactCity! How cool is that?”, thus the founder.

Startup Challenges

As a both startup and impact maker, there are a lot of challenges to face. The Impacters are working hard on telling their own story and optimizing their network with devoted professionals. Trying to stay relaxed and open while finding the right opportunities and respect the fact that they are not alone out there is part of this. And of course the unavoidable challenge to built a portfolio of impact proven cases!

Big Fat Impact Stones

Is it too early to think about milestones? No! But as a startup, The Impacters are working hard towards the moment they have made some serious impact. Impact created by themselves and preferably for a project or program. This are the only milestones they desire to collect: Big Fat Impact Stones!

Want to know more?

Get in touch with Jeff van Dijk: