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The Hague municipality awards grant to 13 innovative partnerships

16 December 2022

The Hague municipality awards grant to 13 innovative partnerships

With this subsidy scheme, the municipality supports entrepreneurs to put their innovative ideas into practice. These are ideas that contribute to a safe, better and just world. Innovations that are important for the Hague economy and employment.

Wethouder Economie Saskia Bruines: “The Hague is a city that offers opportunities and gives energy. Good to see so many entrepreneurs joining forces with potential customers, education and knowledge institutions. Together you achieve more! The projects both contribute to the renewal of The Hague’s economy and to the city’s broad social tasks. The grant gives them a helping hand in launching these new products and services.”


The municipality focuses on bringing in and supporting start-ups that innovate on sustainability. Entrepreneurs who provide future-proof employment, but also contribute to solving social issues. Impact entrepreneurs who fit well with the city’s DNA. To have a chance of winning this grant, it was important that the projects be carried out in a collaborative manner and contribute to The Hague’s employment and key municipal priorities. The following 13 initiatives received a grant amount.


Software application to make drilling of geothermal wells more efficient and thus accelerate the phase-out of fossil energy. Together with Clean Rock Energy, Tullip Energy and Holland Oiltech (in which Energie Beheer Nederland is a shareholder).


Data dashboard to increase the rental and reuse of fashion and thus make the fashion sector more sustainable. Implementation with fashion brands Kyra and Marjolein Elisabeth

WEP Circular

Working with recycling shops to create a closed, local plastic chain loop to enable plastic reuse. Prototypes of new products will be developed within the project. Together with Kringloop Den Haag, Unibrick and Lange leve Plastic

Lorentz Audio

Alternative sustainable production process for patented thin speaker technology, enabling production in The Hague. This removes environmentally unfriendly chemicals from the process. Together with the companies SanCas and Gromit.


Expansion of online platform for task-driven work with a number of functions (such as templates for cooperation and consortium formation) to contribute to the solution of complex issues. Project partners are TU Delft, The Hague Humanity Hub, Digicampus and Webber Community.

Visual Contracts

Redeveloping legal documents around an investment so that social/societal impact is also taken into account to increase the scope of impact investment. Implementation with Legal Innovation for Sustainable Investment (LISI), We are Stewards, Dutch Legal Design Lab and Erasmus School of Law. 


Bio-based packaging material based on the natural building blocks chitosan and cellulose, thus reducing the use of plastic. Partner in this project includes Sustanix


Serious game aimed at preventing sexual violence and insecurity among young people. Project initially focuses on Escamp (The Hague South West). The solution to develop the game in the environment of Whatsapp is innovative and unique in the world. Implementation with Wolfstreet and Wijkz

De Pot Op

New version of an app to help parents and childcare providers with toilet training and thus contribute to less waste and CO2 emissions. Implementation with Billy Wonder, Wasserij Buis and Partou (3 locations in The Hague).


An app and measurement tool to link residents with discarded items and potential users (companies). Implementation with Universiteit Leiden (Campus The Hague) and Stichting Dr Schroeder van der Kolk

Hygro Technology

Construction of a sustainable integrated energy chain with hydrogen as energy carrier to contribute to the energy transition. Implementation with Huygens Engineers and Unknown Group


Online environment for blind & visually impaired people to support them in entering or participating in the labour market. Implementation with the blind & visually impaired community.


Platform to help young innovative companies attract and retain talent, thus contributing to the mismatch around tech talent. Together with Archipel Tax, Benvalor Advocaten and entrepreneurs in The Hague Tech.

The amounts awarded for each project range from €38,000 to €100,000. The grant can be used for, for example, developing a prototype, giving a demonstration, testing a product with customers or conducting a market survey.