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ImpactCity helps startups move forward

The Hague is the perfect Dutch startup city

The Hague is the perfect place for startups to build their future. The city has a lot of local talent, international institutions, knowledge centres and governments. The vibrant business climate connects startups to numerous international organisations. The Hague facilitates startups that, aside from building a successful business, also want to create a positive societal impact.

Consider solutions for the protections of seas and oceans and affordable clean energy, but also an IT-company where the servers are powered

by green electricity. Good entrepreneurship, with a consistent awareness for innovative solutions for sustainable development objectives.

“Our affordable, 3D-printed and self-propelled drone can be used for purposes such as delivering medication in inaccessible areas. Winning 30.000 euro through Haagse Vernieuwers enabled us to continue development.”

– Floris van der Breggen, Hack The Planet

The Hague as launching customer

Via the Startup in Residence Program, featuring also a very lean European tendering process the municipality of The Hague co-develops solutions for the city with the selected start-ups. Through this program start-ups gain access to launching customers in the public sector, a development budget of €7.500, office space, training program and a network of experts.

Many other ministries in The Hague are following suit, making their combined purchase volume of €1 billion accessible also to start-ups. A major milestone!

With our network we connect you to the right people and the right organizations.

ImpactCity helps startups move forward

Establishing a business is a challenge. ImpactCity believes it is important that innovative startups receive good guidance and support. For example:

Dozens of places for housing with other innovative business, help with applying for grants and training;

. Attracting venture capital or a first client, such as the municipality itself;

. Providing advisory guidance in the startup phase;

. Creating business opportunities;

With our network we connect you to the right people and the right organizations. The Hague is the birthplace of today’s startups, which will become tomorrow’s successful businesses.

. Offering physical space for experiments;

. Organizing festivals for impact startups.

Start your business in The Hague

Do you want to start your own business? Then you will have to deal with a wide range of topics. From financing to business plan. Fortunately, the city of The Hague offers a lot of possibilities for successfully launching a business. Some important steps in the lead-up are:

. Choosing the right legal form for your business;

. Choosing and registering a strong business name;

. Conducting market research;

. Creating a business plan.

Do you want to be sure not to skip any steps? Take a look at the information from Government support for entrepreneurs. Can’t figure things out? Ask us your question, we provide the right contacts and answers. This way, your startup will get the start it deserves in The Hague.

Work with ImpactCity on your business and the future

Entrepreneurs that want to do business and strive towards sustainable progress in the world deserve full attention. A solid business model with societal impact should get every possible chance. This way, the business climate in The Hague stays dynamic and vital. Would you like to meet with an advisor and talk about doing business in The Hague? We can help to answer your questions.

The Hague is a springboard to Europe and the rest of the world.

Overview of useful information for entrepreneurs

Start with a strong start-up start in The Hague. We have created an overview with links to important information.

Local Business Counter – Free advice for entrepreneurs

All entrepreneurs in The Hague have free access to the Local Business Counter of the municipality of The Hague. Here you can find advice for entrepreneurs on regulations, permits and procedures.

Government support for entrepreneurs – Information for starters

Would you like more information on starting a business? On the Government support for entrepreneurs you will find information for startups. For instance, on sustainable entrepreneurship, marketing and taxes. A lot of things related to entrepreneurship are addressed here.

International Community Platform (ICP) – The right network

As an entrepreneur in The Hague you’re not entirely on your own. The right network can make a huge difference. Take a look at International Community Platform.

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