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Finance your startup with more impact

Impact investments

Impact Investing is a global trend and a vision on where small and large investors invest their money. Impact investments are made into startups, organizations and funds with the intention to generate social and environmental impact alongside a financial return. The focus is to integrate the capital markets into the global pursuit of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

New business and startup ideas

Worldwide investors are looking for startups and scale-ups with new impact startup ideas. This also means that established companies can direct their innovation power towards creating new products and services that generate social and environmental impact alongside a financial return.

Impact Funds

Phenix Capital supports investors committing capital to impact and start-ups with SDG goals.

PYMWYMIC is a creative gathering for impact investors. The global movement aims to shift capital towards a positive impact.

Stichting Doen helps people who are willing to take risks, in order to bring world changing ideas to life.

The Intellecap Impact Investment Network is an angel network from India that helps early stage enterprises get funded.

Acumen catalyzes entrepreneurship to fight poverty worldwide.

Bank Impact Funds

Through the ABN AMRO Social Impact Fund, the bank invests its own money in social and sustainable enterprises whose aim it is to bring about real social change.

The Rabo Impact Loan is a special loan for impact startups and scale-ups from Dutch Bank Rabobank. They even help finance innovations if there is a positive impact.

ASN Bank supports a  Sustainable Crowdfunding platform for sustainable entrepreneurs and startups.

Other financing services for startups