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Rabobank and ImpactCity extend partnership

4th of July 2023

Already since 2019, Rabobank Region The Hague has been a partner of ImpactCity. This week, the partnership was extended for another two years. Together, Rabobank and ImpactCity support innovative entrepreneurs with sustainable missions in the areas of energy, climate, food and circularity. This is how we make “the Haaglanden region” the ideal location to establish and grow your impact business.

Sandra van de Waart, Team Manager Business and Innovation- Municipality of The Hague:

“The Hague has a growing community of entrepreneurs working on innovations that accelerate the transition to a sustainable economy. ImpactCity supports these entrepreneurs with the help of strong partners in the ImpactCity ecosystem. Rabobank is a strong partner on several levels: they support impact entrepreneurs with their knowledge, network and capital. We are very happy that we can continue to work together in the coming years.”

Knowledge, network, and capital

What did that collaboration look like in recent years? Rabobank helped various entrepreneurs from The Hague obtain funding. Good examples are Mangostone, which received a Rabo Innovation Loan and the Rabobank Foundation’s investment in Wholygreens.

Rabobank advisors also regularly shared knowledge about raising funding. A recent example is the “Masterclass for finding funding for your social business,” which was organized together with DRK Foundation and others. The Hague Innovators Challenge involves a Rabobank startup & scale-up banker as a jury member. The Rabobank Startup & Scale-up Team supports innovative entrepreneurs from the early stages of life. This can start very small, for example with a donation from the Rabo Impact Fund.

Rabobank and ImpactCity are also working together at ImpactFest: Rabobank’s knowledge and network is being used to create an inspiring program.

Harry Wientjens, Cooperative Director Rabobank:

“Based on our mission of ‘growing a better world together,’ we actively seek collaboration with clients and partners in the region to drive sustainable growth. For us, ImpactCity is an important partner that provides access to a vast ecosystem of entrepreneurs and stakeholders who are jointly committed to a sustainable new economy. We truly see Impactfest as the platform where knowledge and networking come together. Last year’s completely sold-out version shows that attention for impact entrepreneurship is growing. And that’s good to see, because the current transitions in the fields of energy, circular economy and food really demand innovation and a different perspective on business. In this way, we really do innovation together.”

In the photo, from left to right: Coos Santing (ImpactCity), Irene Samwel (ImpactCity), Harry Wientjens (Rabobank), Dyon Veenboer (Rabobank).

Startups and scale-ups

Learn more about Rabobank’s services specifically for startups and scale-ups here.