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Grants for Impact

Support programme for impact startups to find and get the grant that fits the company

Grants For Impact

Are you working on an innovative product, process or service and are you looking for €50.000 – €10 million in funding? Is your company based in or moving to The Hague? There are plenty of different regional, national, and European subsidies or loans available to speed up your development as a company!

ImpactCity has set up a successful programme to help promising startups and scale-ups find a suitable grant and support them in applying for it. This year, we are launching the fourth round of this programme. Balance’s subsidy experts guide and support five entrepreneurs in their grant applications. ImpactCity pays the bill. This year, the programme is also open to startups and scale-ups focused on healthcare, tech for the public sector and digital security.

About Balance

Balance Subsidies (part of team EIFFEL), has over 25 years of experience in supporting businesses (including startups and scale-ups) getting subsidies. Balance has been working with ImpactCity for several years to support these parties.

“Thanks to the Grants for Impact programme, we knew exactly what the EIC jury looks for when assessing grant applications.”

Martijn R. Lukaart, founder and CEO Odd.Bot
How does it work?

As a founder or employee, you know best what makes your company great. You have all the knowledge when it comes to conveying the importance of your product to investors and customers, but getting grants and subsidies can be tedious. That’s what this program is about: to help you shape your project to convince subsidy granting authorities to fund your project so you can boost your company!

The process in short:

  1. Advice on which subsidy programme is most suitable for you
  2. Together we make your project fit the subsidy scheme
  3. You will use your knowledge of the project to write the proposal
  4. Balance Subsidies will review your application and give you the necessary feedback to maximise your chance of success
How do I apply?

Registration for the 2024 programme is closed. Keep an eye on our newsletter and our social media for the next edition of the Grants for Impact programme.

Assessment criteria

All proposals are evaluated and ranked on four criteria. The applicants with a minimum of 15 points will move on to the second phase, in which there will be an interview. Once the interviews are completed, the final selection will take place.

  1. Innovation (max. 5 points): the extent to which the project has high innovation potential; has a strong added value, is viable, and better than existing solutions.
  2. Social impact (max. 5 points): the extent to which the innovation will make a wider social, economic, and/or environmental impact and meets a pressing need.
  3. Scalability/economic revenue (max. 5 points): the extent to which the innovation will generate revenue, create jobs, and is scalable.
  4. Implementation (max. 5 points): the extent to which the work plan is efficient and coherent within a realistic time frame. The team has the technical and commercial competence to execute the project and deliver results.
Important dates for applying for Grants for Impact
  • Tuesday 6 February 2024: information meeting at Apollo 14 (4 p.m.), Saturnusstraat 14, The Hague
  • Wednesday 14 February 2024: deadline to apply for the 2024 programme. Please note that this is the only opportunity to apply for 2024.*
  • Friday 16 February 2024: Announcement of selected companies for phase 2 (interview)
  • Monday 19 February 2024: Interviews with candidates
  • Tuesday 20 February: Interviews with candidates
  • Tuesday 27 February: Interviews with candidates
  • Thursday 29 February: Announcement of selected companies
Examples of subsidies within the programme

Please note: WBSO is excluded from this programme, but Balance Subsidies can provide this for you.