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Investor Readiness Programme Q2: registrations open

February 13, 2023

Get investor ready in ten weeks

Together with Up!Rotterdam and InnovationQuarter, ImpactCity is organising another Investor Readiness Program (IRP). The program will be entirely in English. Registrations are open until March 15, 2023 or until the maximum number of participants has been reached. An online information session will be held on March 8, 2023. There is room for twelve regional startups and innovative SMEs to participate. The main goal is to get ‘investor ready’ and work towards a successful funding request in ten weeks from April to July.

Starting an innovative business is a risky business. Various studies show that most startups fail to grow into a healthy company. Through the Investor Readiness Program, we want to give impactful sustainable innovations the opportunity to increase their chance of success in building a healthy company. The program is designed in such a way that you gain insight into how your company can grow successfully, conduct the necessary validation, and learn how potential investors view your business case. Are you working at a startup or innovative SME in The Hague? On this website, you can read everything about the program: what to expect, why to participate, who can participate, experiences of former participants, and more.

Cooperation between Up!Rotterdam, InnovationQuarter, and ImpactCity

The IRP is a proven instrument within the regional development agencies to strengthen companies and increase their chances of success in obtaining financing. InnovationQuarterUp!Rotterdam and ImpactCity all aim to support entrepreneurs in accelerating impactful innovations and solutions in the same region. By cooperating in organising IRPs, the IRP becomes accessible to an even broader group of entrepreneurs.

How can this program be free?

Setting up a business is expensive enough. As the program fits well with our objectives and those of our partners to support impactful innovations, we are covering the costs. And because each IRP is based on a national standard format, we can keep those costs down. Guidance during the program is provided by our own business developers or investment managers or coaches from one of our regional partners. The fact that the program is free does not mean that participation is optional. We ask for an effort of 20 hrs per week per participant during the ten weeks that the program runs. Participants are expected to attend the weekly group sessions, including the completion of the associated assignments.