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Daily warm vegetable lunches for all children in primary school

March 19, 2024

TommyTomato Opens New Hub in The Hague

TommyTomato is on a mission to create lifelong veggie lovers through healthy lunches for primary schools. After great success in Haarlem and Utrecht they announced the opening of their third hub in The Hague. This expansion brings nutritious, hot vegetable lunches directly to primary schools throughout the region. This will have a huge impact on 5 social issues: unequal opportunities, labor participation challenges, health care costs, declining learning environments, and the need for a protein transition.

Bas Turk, founder of TommyTomato, emphasizes the long-term value proposition: “The Hague municipality recognizes the positive impact. Healthy lunches at primary schools pay dividends for our children and society as a whole.”

TommyTomato goes beyond simply providing lunches. They offer engaging nutrition education and hands-on cooking workshops for children, fostering a love for healthy eating habits. Collaborations with local partners and subsidies ensure affordability for all families.

The potential benefits are far-reaching. Children who eat healthy lunches may experience improved concentration in class, leading to better learning outcomes. Additionally, a focus on healthy eating habits can contribute to reduced healthcare costs in the future. TommyTomato furthers its social impact by employing individuals facing challenges entering the workforce within their hubs. 

The Municipality of The Hague and the GGD (Municipal Health Service) are strong supporters of TommyTomato’s mission. Rebecca Salcedo from GGD Haaglanden states, “We’re thrilled about this new hub and the collaboration with TommyTomato. It’s a significant step towards offering healthy food without adding extra burdens to schools in The Hague.”

Despite their recent opening, TommyTomato already supplies over 50 schools in the region. School director Emil Wijler of Grote Beer notes, “We offer parents a choice for their children: lunchboxes, sandwiches, or hot vegetable lunches. It’s a big shift towards healthier options. There’s an adjustment period, but we’re already seeing positive changes in class. More children are finishing their lunches, and it’s clear that eating healthy is a learned skill.”

Bas Turk concludes, “We’re just getting started, but already supplying over 50 schools! This signifies strong support from principals, teachers, and parents. Our ultimate goal? Making nutrition a core subject, alongside reading, math, and writing.”

About TommyTomato

Turning Kids into Vegetable Enthusiasts for Life

TommyTomato, delivers delicious, hot vegetable lunches directly to primary school classrooms. Our bite-sized meals nourish children and lighten the load for teachers.

Through subsidies and sponsorships from the TommyTomato Club, we ensure affordability and program accessibility for all families.

Making a National Impact

Currently, we serve 160,000 lunches monthly to over 230 schools and 21,000 children. With ambitious plans for expansion, we aim to open two more hubs in 2024, reaching over 500 schools. By 2025, we hope to establish seven additional hubs, taking a significant step towards national coverage.