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Creating innovations and solutions for a sustainable ocean in The Hague

The OCEANOVATION Festival, in partnership with ImpactCity as host partner, is set to make waves in The Hague, Netherlands, on June 21-22, 2023. Get ready to immerse yourself in the world of ocean technology and innovation as we explore the limitless possibilities of our oceans.

From climate change to plastic pollution, our ocean is facing many threats. Each of these challenges is an opportunity for positive innovation. This is the vision of OCEANOVATION Festival, where innovations for a sustainable ocean are celebrated and solutions are accelerated.

The OCEANOVATION Festival takes place in The Hague on June 21-22. The most forward-thinking minds in the ocean space will come together to identify, implement, and scale the technologies we need to grow the blue economy in a sustainable way.

Five reasons to join

Here’s why you should be excited about the OCEANOVATION Festival:

  • Discover cutting-edge ocean innovations: The festival will showcase the latest advancements in ocean technology and innovation. From sustainable aquaculture and marine robotics to renewable energy solutions and ocean conservation initiatives, you’ll witness the forefront of ocean innovation.
  • Network with industry leaders and experts: Connect with a diverse community of ocean enthusiasts, industry leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, and policymakers. Forge valuable connections, explore collaboration opportunities, and gain insights from the brightest minds in the field.
  • Learn from world-class speakers: A line-up of world-class speakers will share their expertise, experiences, and visions for a sustainable future. Gain invaluable knowledge, industry insights, and practical tips to drive positive change and make an impact in the ocean tech sector.
  • Engage in interactive workshops and sessions: Dive deeper into specific topics through interactive workshops and sessions. Participate in hands-on activities, brainstorm ideas, and collaborate with fellow attendees to solve challenges and explore new avenues for innovation.
  • Join ImpactCity’s ecosystem in the journey: ImpactCity invites its ecosystem to join the OCEANOVATION Festival. This inclusive community brings together passionate individuals, startups, organizations, and investors committed to driving ocean innovation and sustainability.

Discount available to ImpactCity network

As the hosting partner, ImpactCity can offer a 30% discount on festival passes for its network. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to be part of the future of ocean innovation. Register here using the following code: ImpactCity23

On this website you can view the festival program and get a glimpse of the exciting line-up of speakers and activities. 

Join us at the OCEANOVATION Festival and let’s chart a course towards a sustainable and prosperous future for our ocean. Together, we can make a difference!