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Cast your vote for The Hague Innovators Challenge 2021!

27 MEI 2021
With The Hague Innovators Challenge, the municipality of The Hague each year challenges organizations and students to present innovative ideas on social issues. From all 62 submissions, the jury chose four pre-startups and four startups for the Hague’s impact challenge of the year.

The finalists followed a ten-week course where they got to work on their ideas. With the help of training, they were challenged to work on their business plan and pitch, which they will present during the final on July 8. Three prizes are available for the final winners: the pre-startup prize of € 10,000, the startup prize of € 25,000, and the public prize of € 5,000. You can now vote for the public category. You can vote from Wednesday, June 2nd until Wednesday, June 23rd. All winners of the challenge will be announced on July 8th.


Sustanix: a pre-startup that provides customized turnkey biodegradable plastic solutions for your business by replacing all single-use plastic items with biodegradable alternatives.

Invisible Foods: with their “Invisible Food Manager”, they aggregate and predict food loss, support companies in creating new upcycled products, and reward efforts to reduce food waste with a data-driven certificate.

Scootbezorgd: a social and sustainable delivery service done by people on scoot mobiles or electric wheelchairs.


Iron Roots: sportswear made of sustainable fabrics.

Odd.Bottheir ‘Weed Whacker’ robot provides a higher yield with less manual labor and contributes to less use of herbicides and in particular glyphosate.

Trust Stampthey deliver trusted identity systems at the heart of how organizations and individuals transact in the connected world and beyond.

ByeWastethis app is the simplest solution to give a second life to the clutter around you.

Make sure to follow us on social media in the run-up to the final on July 8th. If you got questions about the challenge, you can e-mail us via