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Urban Mining with Credits

Let’s start crowdfunding local products and services, inviting everybody to contribute simply with the value of materials in our waste, sharing revenues with all who participates, create (social) employment and give a boost to a circular economy.  

While we do achieve high recycling rates in the Netherlands, a lot of valuable resources still ends up with our municipal waste. Urban Mining is the collection of equipment and materials directly in our neighbourhoods, with the aim to develop and optimize potential to re-use equipment and recycle materials into products that serve urban demand. By sorting out parts which can be re-used by local repair services and resources to be applied in local production of outdoor furniture for municipalities, toys for children and 3D-filament for 3D-printing hobbyists, we stop wasting waste, reduce transportation costs and will develop towards a circular economy.

We want to contribute to The Hague Renewal by motivating people to hand in discarded electrical and electronic equipment and post consumer plastics, by creating social employment with sorting and dismantling of equipment and materials, by becoming a supplier of spare parts and materials and by supporting local production and promoting local products. All participating people will share in the added value to be created with their materials, as they receive credits for each kilo collected. While these credits immediately entitle to promotions and discounts, more importantly credits are

to be cashed in with corresponding revenues realised with collected materials. Number and value of credits can be monitored, real-time, by using an app. Herewith we start a new path of crowdfunding, asking for materials, alternative to cash. And we will make it fun for everybody to invest.

Why should you receive this vote?

It’s a waste to waste waste! We want to make people aware of the value of material which

we otherwise just throw away. Enabling more separated collection of household waste

will lower municipal cost for waste disposal. We want to contribute to an inclusive economy

by fostering social labour in our country and by creating formal employment with same concept

in low-income countries. Last but not least, we want to involve all people in The Hague, as stakeholder in accelerating the transition to a circular economy and as shareholder in this venture.

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