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“The Caballero Factory has left a big imprint on our products”

MARCH 21, 2017

Secrid is a The Hague-based creative company that has taken to designing the perfect wallet to answer to the demands of our day and age. Socially responsible entrepreneurship is one of the fundamental pillars underlying its company philosophy. And they’ve been very successful.

“We pride ourselves in doing things differently with a sense of respect and responsibility for our environment,” Secrid director René Van Geer says. “It’s very rewarding to see that our vision and mission pay off. Quite literally, they allow us to make a profit and keep building our company.”


Secrid calls The Hague’s Caballero Factory home. “Being based at the Caballero Factory has definitely left a big imprint on our products,” according to Van Geer. “Being surrounded by over 120 creative companies offers endless opportunities for collaboration. We have collaborated with more than 10 companies at the Caballero Factory, ranging from packaging designers to photographers and writers.”


Secrid produces all of its wallets locally to ensure the highest environmental and labor standards. “This is possible because we have developed our production process in close collaboration with our manufacturers,” Van Geer explains.

“Interestingly, mass production of goods has increasingly disappeared from the Netherlands,” Van Geer says. “But when you add up all of our local suppliers and producers, you could argue that we have effectively founded the largest wallet factory in the country. It’s a networked factory that employs around 200 people.”


Secrid produces five types of wallets, all of them very small but attentively designed to hold an impressive range of items comfortably. Additionally, each wallet incorporates an ultra-thin aluminum card protector that reduces the risk of skimming.

“This new era of technology calls for an innovative type of wallet. One that protects both your privacy and your money. Our wallets do exactly that, both in terms of security and style,” René Van Geer explains.


It is fair to say that Secrid’s position in the market is exceptional. Its product is of an exceptionally high quality and covers a niche in which there are only few competitors.

“It requires quite an investment to make sure no one copies our products, but when we put in this effort we’re essentially assured of a very safe spot in the market place,” Van Geer says. “We were able to reach break-even in the second year after founding the company.”