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Over 53 startup hubs and collective buildings in the heart of an international network

The Hague has a large international network, giving close access to the market and business partners.

Springboard to the world

The Hague has a large and tight-knit international network. For startups, this means having close access to the market and business partners. Multinationals, the Dutch government and foreign embassies are right around the corner. This is why more and more successful foreign startups and spin-offs choose to settle down here. The Hague serves as a springboard to Europe and the rest of the world. For an optimal start you can contact The Hague Business Agency (THBA) and The Hague International Centre (THIC), the point of contact for internationals working and living in The Hague region.

Finding office space in The Hague

For startups and spin-offs, technostarters and social enterprises looking for their first creative, affordable workspace, office space, lab of industrial space, there are over 53 start-up hubs and collective buildings. A good example is the newest Apollo 14.

Working in a start-up hub

Working in one of the startup hubs or collective office buildings in The Hague has its advantages. Every day you meet new entrepreneurs with unique insights and passions. Open canteens, such as the one in the Caballerofabriek, are natural networking spaces to meet motivated entrepreneurs with their own expertise. These interactions often evolve into new clients or unique collaborations.

“We have looked at quite a lot of office buildings in The Hague and Rotterdam, but we died a little bit inside at the sight of a suspended ceiling. Moreover, it does not fit us. We want a place that you can make your own, with a pleasant neighborhood and activity in the area. And that is exactly what the Binckhaven will become. It’s a slam dunk to settle there, I don’t even need to persuade anyone!” – Chris Wahlberg – Q42

Space for experiments

Pilots, innovations and experiments can’t always be caught in square meters. The Hague offers entrepreneurs the (physical) space for experiments. A good example is the test site of the Noordzeeboerderij, where entrepreneurs use sustainable methods for cultivating seaweed for consumption and the first Solar Farm on the open sea. Do you need space for experiments or innovation?

The Hague offers a large selection of living and business possibilities to start and grow.
Flex-offices and temporary corporate housing

As a startup, it is also possible to choose for temporary corporate housing in The Hague. Flex-offices or co-working spaces make it possible to save a lot on housing expenses. You pay rent by the hour, per day or by purchasing subscriptions. There are also additional facilities, such as coffee, a reception, printing and copying machines and meeting rooms.

Living and working in The Hague

The Hague has more than half a million residents spread out over 35 districts. Over 10% are expats. There are many active expat networks. The Hague is also the only large Dutch coastal city. Whether you’re renting or buying, property prices in The Hague are relatively low compared to other big Dutch cities.

The Hague is a great place for young professionals first getting on the property ladder. It’s also a great place for young families, combining affordable real estate with a high quality of life. Which neighbourhoods are particularly suited to your specific wishes and requirements? Take a look at the neighbourhoods in The Hagueand the services the city offers.

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