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Gain access to ImpactCity’s international network

Gain access to ImpactCity’s international network

Expand your business into Europe and beyond

The Hague serves as a springboard to Europe and the rest of the world. New foreign markets offer great opportunities for scale-ups but require ample amount of preparation. Knowledge of market and political developments, culture and language are 

vital when expanding your business abroad. A solid and extensive network is key. ImpactCity and the City of The Hague offer support and access to a vast international network so your international ambitions are successful.

International city of peace and justice

Every day, tens of thousands of people in The Hague work to create a safer, more equitable world. This special status of the city attracts many government leaders, knowledge institutions, civil society organisations, businesses and students. Together they work, share their knowledge and develop new ideas.

The place for startups and companies with an international reach, focusing on social impact and technological innovation.

Make your international ambitions a success

ImpactCity and The Hague have good relations with countries from all over the world, in particular with Germany, India and China. This is why the number of foreign startups and scale-ups in The Hague has grown substantially in recent years. Scale-ups with a base in the Hague, that want to explore foreign sales markets can use our extensive network and knowledge. Essential is a good market orientation and preparation, and a thourough understanding of language and culture. Do you want access to this network? Contact us.

“As an international community of social innovators, the City of The Hague was a natural choice for the location of Samasource’s first European office. The European market is ripe for tapping into the impact sourcing model, with few players in the field, but lots of potential”

– Asia Hendrick, European Sales Manager of Samasource.

Events and trade missions

The event calendar “International Business” gives an overview of interesting business events, in which the municipality of The Hague is involved. Also, other parties such as the national government, regularly organize international activities including trade missions. These trade missions are not only meant for large companies. Also scale-ups aiming for international business can benefit from such trade missions.

Relevant organisations

The Enterprise Europe Network is the world’s largest support network for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and has a lot of experience in successful matchmaking.

The Netherlands Enterprise Agency supports private and public organisations with funding, international business partners, knowledge, and regulations. This support is mainly focused on international business in emerging markets and developing countries.

If you see opportunities on international markets, the Dutch government and the embassy network will be happy to help you achieve your ambitions. It doesn’t matter whether you are a startup or an old hand on the international market. Or whether you are involved in trade, investment or innovation.

Meet the impact network

The Impact Diagram shows the versatile ecosystem that you can use as an impact startup or scale-up. This overview is constantly growing and is therefore becoming richer and fuller.

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