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Participants of The Hague Innovators Challenge 2021 announced

24 FEBRUARI 2021
Yesterday was the final day to register for the Hague Innovators Challenge 2021. During this annual challenge, the Municipality of The Hague challenges pre-startups, startups, and students to submit innovative ideas on global social issues, as described in the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The challenge proved to be popular again this year; no fewer than 62 entrepreneurs and students registered.

For a month, pre-startups, startups, and students were given the opportunity to register for the Hague impact competition of the year. Already in the first week, the inbox of ImpactCity, initiator of the Hague Innovators Challenge, was full. “A good sign”, says Steven de Kruijf, project leader of The Hague Innovators Challenge, “this means that a lot of entrepreneurs and students are looking for (financial) resources to make their idea a reality and are interested in the impact ecosystem in The Hague”. The challenge has not only reached entrepreneurs from The Hague, applications have also been received from other cities and even from outside the Netherlands. The registrations include innovative ideas for the food, sustainable energy, humanitarian, and tech sectors.

In the coming weeks, the jury will review all registrations and choose 4 participants in both categories (pre-startups and startups). The 8 nominees will be announced on March 16th. This group enters a 10-week process to get started with their ideas. With the help of training, they are challenged to ultimately pitch their idea and business plan.

3 prizes are available for the final winners:

• Public prize € 5,000

• Pre-startup price € 10,000

• Startup prize € 25,000

View which organizations have registered below and keep an eye on our channels to follow the challenge.

Click here for more information about the Hague Innovators Challenge. For questions about the challenge, you can mail to