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Opening Rechtstreex from the farmer in The Hague

SEPTEMBER 14, 2021
Rechtstreex ‘from the farmer’ celebrated the official opening of the expansion in the Haaglanden region on Monday. Alderman Liesbeth van Tongeren opened the new assembly point, the logistics heart of the food company.

This is the second distribution centre of the food company with the first location being in Rotterdam. For initiator Maarten Bouten, who also lives in The Hague, this is a logical step: ‘Since 2019, we have already opened almost twenty collection points in the Haaglanden region and started the home delivery service. We will also open the first Rechtstreex store here in Weimarstraat at the end of September. This is another new form with which we can make food from the region accessible. We are very happy that this place has come our way and that we can take this step with property owners Local and Amvest.” This distribution centre will not only serve The Hague but also other places in the area such as Wassenaar, Leiden, Zoetermeer, the Westland and Nootdorp.

Healthy body, healthy earth

Liesbeth van Tongeren, Alderman for Sustainability, Environment and Energy Transition, addressed the guests. “This makes me happy and pleased. Food is the body’s fuel. It is connected to people’s physical well-being, as well as to the community and the health of the earth. […] I hope that eventually, the whole of The Hague will have access to tasty, local and healthy food. This is something to celebrate exuberantly and I want to congratulate you very much.” With the push of a button, she opened the roller shutter, after which everyone present toasted together.

Engaged community

In April, Rechtstreex launched a crowdfunding campaign to realize this step. The maximum target amount of 100,000 euros was reached within half a day. The new assembly point in the Binckhorst was thus set up. This is the logistical heart of the work. Here, among other things, they distribute all products among the collection points and receive customers who collect their groceries.

Local assortment

More than 100 farmers and makers have joined Rechtstreex to collectively provide residents of the Haaglanden region with fresh, local products, including: Roast Factory, Haagse Zwam, Lekker Brood and Bakker Klink, Vigna, De Groentenhof, Plukkerij Framblij, Stolweitjes, De Olmenhorst, cheese farm Captein and breweries Kompaan, Eiber and De Prael. A local chain also means short lines. Bouten: ‘It is important that we understand how our food is made so that we can start a conversation about sustainability. Transparency is an essential part of the Rechtstreex food chain. And that influences the production of many surprising products that you didn’t know were produced in the region.’

Binckhorst like home

The meeting point is located at Maanweg 58C, a property of Local and Amvest. These parties have joined forces to develop the Binckhorst into a very attractive residential and work area and saw a role for Rechtstreex in this. Phlip Boswinkel of Local: ‘Living and working go hand in hand in the changing Binckhorst. The new Rechtstreex distribution centre is a strong example of this: sustainable and local food is important for a vibrant city. As the owner of the property, we are proud that we have succeeded in landing Rechtstreex and BinkBikes here.”

About Rechtstreex

Rechtstreex builds a local, short food chain together with a network of customers and suppliers. A fair price for you and the farmer, no food waste and no unnecessary intermediaries, that’s important to them. In practice, this means access to fresh and healthy food that has been carefully produced by farmers and makers within 50 km of the collection point in Binckhorst. More information can be found at