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Oceanovation Festival 2023

Innovation is the name of the game as the blue economy’s brightest minds prepare to convene in The Hague on June 21 and 22. ImpactCity is host partner of the event.

The world’s leading ocean innovation festival offers an unparalleled opportunity for ocean innovators, thought leaders, incubators, and investors to expand their knowledge, make lasting connections, fund cutting-edge projects, and spark ideas that will protect the ocean for future generations.

Designed from the ground up, the OCEANOVATION Festival is a veritable playground for early-stage companies seeking new opportunities to accelerate their solutions and maximize their impact.

The festival offers entrepreneurs the chance to showcase their innovations for everything related to ocean conservation, from sustainable coastal tourism and shipping to aquaculture, ocean energy, and waste management. Moreover, the festival allows entrepreneurs to seek valuable insight from industry peers and connect with potential investors to secure vital funding and take their solutions to the next level.

Why ‘Oceanovation’?

The need for these solutions has never been more urgent. Worrying increases in ocean temperature, rising sea levels, loss of biodiversity, overexploitation of resources – these are very real and urgent threats to our ocean, and they’re having a knock-on effect on human and planetary health.

But together, the tide can be turned. Some of the world’s most forward-thinking minds are already developing practical, actionable, and sustainable solutions, and platforms like OCEANOVATION are crucial for ensuring their innovations receive the visibility and support they need.

“Innovation means using data and new technologies or new investment to drive a sustainable regenerative blue economy and utilise new initiative to drive conservation and protection of the Ocean”

Chris Gorell Barnes, Founding Partner of Ocean 14 Capital (UK)

All in one app

Hosted at the carbon-neutral Fokker Terminal, OCEANOVATION 2023 will welcome over 300 blue economy insiders and 60 ocean innovation impact start-ups from around the world. The interactive event is packed with a diverse schedule of match-making sessions, innovation showcases, investment opportunities, and expert-led workshops, from “Regenerative Ocean Farming”, “Blue Carbon”, “Ports Pioneers” to “Ocean Renewable Energies”.

OCEANOVATION knows that change doesn’t happen in silos, which is why they’re so passionate about fostering opportunities for collaboration and growth. They know how crucial it is to break barriers and learn from each other, regardless of background, experience, or sector. As part of this commitment, in-person visitors and online participants are encouraged to grow their network and build relationships with fellow attendees through the OCEANOVATION app. Attendees can build a profile and arrange meetings in the lead-up to the festival as well as access a list of all attendees, speakers, and start-ups, updated workshop details, group discussions, and FAQs to support their experience.

As they look towards a sustainable future that protects our ocean’s abundance, they’re excited to bring together the network of ocean change-makers helping to shape that future. By gathering hundreds of ocean enthusiasts who are passionate about sustainability and eager to collaborate, they believe they can create hundreds of little ripples that will develop into big waves.