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Masterclass: Ideas2Impact Company

February 18, 2022

How to turn your impactful idea into a successful startup

Where would the world be without the best and brightest minds that come up with innovative, sustainable business ideas? It’s exactly what we need to build a better world. At ImpactCity The Hague, we believe that economic success and social impact go hand in hand. Are you a student or recent alumnus? And do you have a brilliant business idea? Keep reading.

Idea2Impact Company is an exciting five-day programme for students and recent alumni facilitated by ImpactCity, in collaboration with the Haagse Hogeschool and Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship (ECE). The masterclass is designed to provide you with the tools that every successful entrepreneur needs who is looking to make an impact. We will help you to translate your business idea into a successful startup and also train you to maximise the social or ecological impact of your startup.

During this programme you get the unique chance to expand your network with ambitious, sustainable entrepreneurs. Not only will you meet like-minded people, the programme also offers guest lectures from successful entrepreneurs. The lessons aim to help aspiring entrepreneurs take the last step to realising a long-lasting impact.

Do you have an impactful idea that you would like to put into practice, but have no idea how to start a successful startup? Sign up for this masterclass.

Learning objectives

During this programme, you will:

  • Get insight into the personality traits of a successful impact entrepreneur;
  • Learn how to make impact with your ideas;
  • Gain skills in how to translate your ideas into a successful startup;
  • Get the tools to maximise your social/ecological impact;
  • Determine the next steps to establish the identity of your brand.

Day 1. The impact entrepreneur: personality and effectuation – Ian Smeyers, directeur Nelis Company

Day 2. Entrepreneurial principles and customer discovery: how do you build your entrepreneurial idea in line with the lean startup method to a business model with impact? – Sjoerd Hauptmeier, Co -founder & CEO The Young Digitals

Day 3. Business modelling: how do you go from an impactful product to a working business model and how do you build a team and establish partnerships to achieve this? – Sjoerd Trompetter, Founder Naïf

Day 4. Mission model and impact improvement: which social values are adressed in your business model? – Stefan Baecke, Founder Yespers

Day 5. Storytelling and selling – Niels van den Bosch, international sales & business executive with 20 years experience currently active in the impact scene  

The sessions will be provided in English.

Who can apply

Are you a student in the region Haaglanden or did you recently graduate? Are you looking to make impact? Are you interested in translating your innovative ideas into an actual startup? Then Idea2Impact Company is the perfect way to find how you can make impact!

More information and how to apply: