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Iron Roots, Invisible Foods and Scootbezorgd win The Hague Innovators Challenge 2021

JULY 8, 2021
Iron Roots, Invisible Foods, and Scootbezorgd are the winners of the seventh edition of the Hague Innovators Challenge 2021. They won the Pre-Startup, Startup, and the Audience Award, respectively. After an exciting final pitch contest, Alderman Saskia Bruines announced this year’s The Hague Innovators Challenge.

Eight nominees were selected from all 62 applications earlier this year. During the finals, this group had the opportunity to pitch their ideas in front of an esteemed panel of judges. This year, ImpactCity’s partners Rabobank, Euclid Network, and InnovationQuarter had the honor of assessing the plans and pitches and choosing the winners. The lucky ones will receive a sum of money with which their innovative idea will be further implemented in The Hague.

The 2021 winners

• The startup price of € 25,000 was won by Iron Roots. This (sports) brand only uses sustainable materials and is a much better alternative to plastic sportswear.

• The pre-startup prize of € 10,000 is for by Invisible Foods. with their “Invisible Food Manager”, they aggregate and predict food loss, support companies in creating new upcycled products, and reward efforts to reduce food waste with a data-driven certificate.

• The public prize of € 5,000 was won by Scootbezorgd. Scootbezorgd is the most social and sustainable delivery service with deliverers who drive a scooter or sit in an electric wheelchair.

Alderman Saskia Bruines said: “I think it’s fantastic to see that Iron Roots, Invisible Foods en Scootbezorgd have been named Hague Innovators of 2021. We are proud of these young entrepreneurs from The Hague whom we support with this challenge to make their dreams come true!”. As the international city of peace and justice, the municipality of The Hague supports and stimulates startups and scale-ups that work on innovations for a better world.

The Hague Innovators Challenge

With the annual Hague Innovators Challenge, the municipality of The Hague challenges pre-startups and startups to come up with new and innovative ideas to solve global social issues, as described in the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The innovations are targeted as an example in the field of water, food innovation, sustainable energy, and humanitarian aid.