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Government collaborates with 14 startups

MAY 26, 2020
The province of South Holland, the municipality of The Hague and ministries of the Interior and Kingdom Relations, Economic Affairs and Climate and Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality have selected 14 startups that will tackle the challenges of the future, such as the circular use of waste and more efficient use of buildings. The first government-wide Startup in Residence (SIR InterGov) program has launched!

The government previously worked with the Startup in Residence program, where it brings in startups to come up with innovative solutions for social issues. In this new edition, South Holland, The Hague and Ministries of BZK, EZK and LNV are joining forces, because issues do not adhere to municipal or provincial boundaries.

What kind of startups?

The startups focus on various challenges and will collaborate with the various authorities. For example, Future Mobility Network is going to tackle litter at Living Lab Scheveningen, Reflow will collaborate with the province to consider how the provincial house can make its waste flows 100% circular and Argu will collaborate with three layers of government to see how more interaction can be achieved between the government and residents. Startups and civil servants are guided by experts in this collaboration to learn from each other and to develop a working prototype and business model.

Additional program on corona issues

In addition to the SIR InterGov program, the province, municipality and various partners have also initiated the platform ‘ResilientSociety’ together with WorldStartup due to the corona crisis. Startups can deliver solutions for social issues that have arisen as a result of the corona crisis. But it is also possible to register challenges around corona, which can be solved via an accelerated SIR program.

Meet the startups

Check the full list of startups that the government is collaborating with this SIR edition:

  • The Future Mobility Network: Reducing garbage on the boulevard of Scheveningen and het Zwarte Pad (Provincie Zuid-Holland and Gemeente Den Haag)
  • Cyrb: Preventing and reducing noise pollution on the boulevard of Scheveningen and het Zwarte Pad (Provincie Zuid-Holland and Gemeente Den Haag)
  • Reflow: Circulair business operations (Provincie Zuid-Holland)
  • Bumaga: Circulair business operations (Provincie Zuid-Holland)
  • Open State Foundation: Digital Sandbox (ministerie BZK)
  • Landscape: Overview of wishes and sentiments of all citizens (Gemeente Den Haag)
  • Argu: Citizen Participation (Gemeente Den Haag, Provincie Zuid-Holland en ministerie BZK)
  • Whero: Efficient use of buildings (ministerie BZK)
  • SportUnity: App for sports offer and stimulating sports in The Hague (Gemeente Den Haag)
  • Blockbird: Entrepreneurs take control (ministerie BZK)
  • DigiKwis: Digital inclusion (ministerie BZK)
  • Stichting Mirro: Rem op verzuim (ministerie BZK)
  • Stichting ehvLINC: Demonstrate commercial benefits and opportunities of intellectual property (ministerie EZK)
  • Gros Food: Reducing dairy waste after expiration date (ministerie LNV)