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All Systems Connect – International Symposium 2023

2 - 4 May between 09:00 - 17:00 | Climate | Development | Humanity | Network | Water

Connecting people and ideas, systems and solutions ​to achieve justice for all.

Three days designed to help changemakers from water, sanitation and hygiene, public health, climate resilience, economic development, social justice, to connect with purpose, work on collective solutions, and strengthen our capabilities as systems leaders.   


Extraordinary. Memorable. Action-oriented.

Join us to be part of the action that leads to change.


The issues are complex but the solutions are out there. Because systems don’t work in isolation.

A safer, more resilient healthcare facility needs an interconnected health and water, sanitation and hygiene system.

A district that’s strong in the face of climate risks needs a water and sanitation system that is resilient to drought, floods, landslides and water-borne diseases.

A country that lifts its people out of poverty needs to connect the systems for financing health, climate and social justice, with water, sanitation and hygiene.

This is no ordinary conference.

This is not business as usual.

World Forum The Hague, Churchillplein 10, 2517 JW, Den Haag, Zuid-Holland

2 - 4 May between 09:00 - 17:00

Climate, Development, Humanity, Network, Water