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Carrierekansen Haagse impact ecosysteem

Career opportunities within the impact ecosystem in The Hague

10 februari, 2022
Our community keeps growing and many amazing career opportunities come along with it. The chance to work for a company that wants to build a better world is bigger than ever. We collected a few vacancies from the community.

– DRK Foundation is looking for a Partnership Associate.

– Innovation Quarter is looking for a Communications Advisor and a Project Manager Internationalization.

– Hortiheroes is offering the Hortitech Innovation traineeship for young, technical talent.

– BBBLS is looking for a Climate Equipment Engineer.

– Euclid Network is looking for a EU Policy & Research Intern at Euclid Network.

– Solarmonkey is looking for reinforcement in Engineering en Sales.

– Elemental Watermakers is looking for a Project Engineer and a Marketing Communications Intern.

– Futureproof is looking for a Program Coordinator and a Junior Marketing and Communications employee.

– GreenFox is looking for a Recruiter / Job Coach.

Why work in The Hague? This video says it all: