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Application deadline LG Chem Global Innovation Challenge

1 mei 00:00 - 00:00 | Financiering

The LG Chem Global Innovation Challenge is an opportunity for startups worldwide with a passion for innovation and the well-being of our planet, that are working on sustainable solutions in the domains of Circular Plastics, Carbon Utilization, Renewable Hydrogen, and Sustainable Batteries. LG Chem is organising this challenge together with the Unknown Group.

Successful PoCs have the potential for deeper collaboration with LG Chem’s designated departments in South Korea, the EU, and USA. Beyond this, winning solutions have the opportunity to earn:

  • Various types of funding opportunities following the LG Chem‘s recently announced plan to invest 9 billion USD in new growth areas including sustainability, battery materials, and drugs by 2025
  • Admission and access to LG Chem’s global business network
  • Collaboration opportunities with a variety of experts towards commercialization


Applications for the LG Chem Global Innovation Challenge are open till 1 May 2022.


1 mei 00:00 - 00:00
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