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Investing for Development Failab

9 december 09:00 - 11:00 | Development

Where things did not go as expected – and what we learnt from it. What is this fail lab about?

Even though “fail fast” is a key principle tought in any accelerator program and lean start up course, it is still a taboo subject in many countries and cultures and few people openly want to talk about their failures. This is true for start up founders and entrepreneurs but also those that support and invest in entrepreneurship.

In this new edition of Investing for Development, EVPA members will meet in a safe space to share their most disastrous, challenging and unsuccessful experiences in entrerpreneurship support and finance in an informal and humorous way, explaining the points where things did go unexpectedly and what they think they could have done differently at that time. The EVPA FaiLab is a new way of sharing and learning! Provide and receive support by your peers in the Investing for Impact Community!

9 december 09:00 - 11:00
@ Online event