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Impact House: Impact Monday – Navigating Impact

7 februari 15:00 - 16:00

Navigating impact measurement & management: How to integrate impact throughout the investment journey

EVPA’s new, bar-raising report shows how to embed impact management and measurement at the heart, and in all stages, of your investment journey. The publication demonstrates how the EVPA five-step process and other IMM initiatives (Dimensions of impact of the Impact Management Project, the Operating Principles of Impact Management, the Principles of Social Value and the SDG Impact Standards) are linked and complement each other in practice. Launched at EVPA’s Annual Conference on 9 November, this report includes contributions from 60 leading experts in the field.

Advancing impact measurement and management practices is essential to prevent green and social washing and to ensure social investments achieve lasting impact. The report is part of a large research effort at the top of EVPA agenda in 2022, as safeguarding and maximising impact will be our community’s crucial task in this period of prolonged instability.

7 februari 15:00 - 16:00
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