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GPTx @ The Hague Tech

1 december 09:00 - 16:00 | Kennis | Netwerk

ChatGPT and generative AI tools continue to have a revolutionary impact on the way we work and communicate. Everyone has heard of them at least once, and many use them regularly. GPTx was the first event of its kind in April 2023, attracting 750 attendees, making it the largest event where attendees got hands-on with AI. Following the successful 2nd edition in June, it's now time for GPTx, 3rd edition, which we will host for the first time at The Hague Tech. This event is all about getting hands-on with new AI tools and upgraded functionalities.

Who is this 3rd edition for?

  • Absolute beginners: those who haven’t really started working with AI tools yet. Bring your laptop, GPTx will help beginners get started.
  • Advanced enthusiasts: enthusiasts who can’t keep up with the speed of developments and new features. We will upskill them in one of the 48 workshops and take their skills to a higher level.

800 participants, 48 workshops, 2 locations, 10+ AI tools.

The success of GPTx lies in the practical workshops where various experts guide the participants. Visitors bring their laptops and follow the instructions so that by the end of the day, they leave with new fundamental AI skills, installed tools, and an understanding of how the various features can be used.

  • 48 workshops: a full-day program with a choice of various AI tools and practical experiences. Visitors can choose from three rounds of 60-minute workshops.
  • 2 locations: This edition will take place at two different locations: Cupola XS in the Koepel in Haarlem, and at The Hague Techcampus in The Hague.
  • 10+ AI tools: besides ChatGPT, there are many AI tools that professionals can use. We have selected the most important ones, such as Midjourney, Microsoft’s Copilot, Salesforce’s EinsteinGPT, and many others.
  • Exhibition space: The day is fully organized, and between the workshops, you can meet AI startups in the exhibition space and network during lunch and drinks.

The Hague Tech, Wilhelmina van Pruisenweg 35, 2595 AN, Den Haag, Zuid-Holland

1 december 09:00 - 16:00

Kennis, Netwerk