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Student | Architecture of Cure: The Healing Pod

Time spent in hospitals and clinics can be tiring and stressful.

Increasingly, research recognises the positive effects of natural elements such as plants and sunlight on our state of mind. Our company, Architecture of Cure wants to bring these natural elements into a patient’s recovery process through our launching product, the healing pod.

These pods allow patients to immerse themselves in a natural environment for short periods of time. The purpose of our healing pods is to alleviate stress and fatigue for patients.

We are currently in the pre-start-up phase and focused on prototyping, market feasibility and developing partnership.” ?

By allowing patients to sit in a green environment with elements that have been proven to reduce stress for some time, time at the hospital can be more bearable. Even though the pod is aimed at hospitals, it will also expand to other highly stressed environments such as offices, universities, and airports.