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Topsector Energy – Masterclass Financing fall 2021

7 October 14:00 - 16:25

Topsector Energy provides insight in to financing possibilities

Are you a starting, small or middle sized business in the energy sector? And are you looking for the best financing tool for your company?

After a few successful editions, Topsector Energy will organize another Masterclass Financing on october 7th, 2021.

On the program are speakers from around the world from regional developmentagencies, banks, investors, subsidy parties, crowdfunding specialists and business angles. They will give you a realistic image of the financing possibilities. But also which innovations are most prone for securing a successful investment from one of them.


The Masterclass Financing is meant for innovative start-ups, starting, small or middle sized businesses who are active in the energy sector and looking for financing.


14:00  Introduction
14:05 Financial support by the government
14:30 Regional and national development companies
15:00 Crowdfunding
15:20 BREAK
15:25 Business Angels
15:45 Venture Capital
16:05 Bancair
16:25 Ending

Buccaneer, Paardenmarkt 1A, 2611 PA, Delft, Zuid-Holland

7 October 14:00 - 16:25