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Tony’s Chocolonely inspiration session

10 December 10:00 - 11:00

Impact or commerce – what is the reality? On December 10, Futureproof will discuss this with Ynzo van Zanten, 'chief choco evangelist' of Tony's Chocolonely, during a live inspiration session on Zoom. So grab the (ethically sourced) hot chocolate and join online! Everyone is welcome to ask Ynzo questions about Tony's business model and impact entrepreneurship. The more critical the questions, the better. Ynzo just likes that!

We are going to talk about:

  • Ideals versus commerce. (How) can you earn money and realize your ideals? And where are the (ethical) limits?
  • How does such a large, successful impact company work? Does Tony’s use models such as Design Thinking, Impact Business Model Canvas and Theory of Change? What is the difference between theory and practice?
  • Your questions! Ynzo will tell something herself, and afterwards there is a lot of room for discussion.
10 December 10:00 - 11:00
@ Online event