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Startup Tuesday: Sibö

27 September 17:00 - 19:00 | Development | Knowlegde | Network

Startup Tuesday is a monthly event to inspire and connect like-minded entrepreneurs! We kick off the new season with a talk by Daniela Arias and Alejandro Ortega, the founders of Sibö B.V., a company focusing on revolutionizing food production using crickets.

About this event

This series of events is a collaboration among innovative hubs that aim to strengthen connections and support impact-driven entrepreneurship in The Hague. It’s the ideal occasion to network, learn from experienced founders, and explore solutions to shared challenges.

We present an informal interview with a seasoned entrepreneur who will share with the audience their experience.

Find out who your fellow impact entrepreneurs are. Get easy access to the support you need, learn where to find future talent and get tips on how to train yourself and your team on doing business and doing good.


Daniela Arias and Alejandro Ortega

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About Sibö

Daniela and Alejandro are the founders of Sibö, a company consisting of a team of biologists and researchers who work at making their dream come true: making insect-based biomaterial the new normal.

They help insect ingredient manufacturers meet the requirements of food companies & food brands by improving the qualification and functionality of their current materials using new and innovative process optimisation technologies we develop. Together with this, they focus on accelerating the innovation & development for their customers that will lead to clean, efficient, and sustainable insect-based bio-active components. These include protein, fats and chitosan, as highly functional food ingredients for food manufacturers.

The company was named after Sibö, the primary god in the Talamancan mythology of Costa Rica in inspiration to Daniela and Alejandro’s culture. Creator of earth and humanity and god of wisdom, he taught the values of using natural resources responsibly and harmoniously.


16:30 Doors open

17:00 Main speaker

17:45 Q&A/ Conversation

18:00 Drinks


Saturnusstraat 14, 2516 AH, Den Haag, Zuid-Holland

27 September 17:00 - 19:00

Development, Knowlegde, Network