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Social Economy Mission – The Hague

16 September 09:00 - 17:00

Participate in an interactive workshop in The Hague to identify best practices and common challenges in local policies aiming to support impact entrepreneurs during and after the pandemic.

Come and visit two hubs in The Hague where you’ll meet entrepreneurs form the ImpactCity ecosystem and learn about the activities they are involved in. There is also going to be time for a roundtable discussion.
We invite international policymakers, support organizations for entrepreneurs, capital providers & researchers in Europe that have experience with building a local ecosystem for entrepreneurs and whose mission is combining doing good and doing business.

With the outcome, we, the Municipality of the Hague, will create a report for the EU where best practices will be shared.

Program TBA
Morning: talks & roundtable discussions at Apollo 14
Afternoon: tour and co-creation at De Schilde

This session is part of the R.R.E.S.I. project.
This international project and collaboration aim to focus on local approaches and policies, as well as disseminate best practices amongst other cities and regions. This project was initiated by the city of The Hague, Aalst, the region of Hannover, the province of Antwerp, and the Efeler District.

Saturnusstraat 14, 2516 AH, Den Haag, Zuid-Holland

16 September 09:00 - 17:00