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8 June 13:00 - 18:30 | Food | Network

The HeroFestival 2023 is powered by HortiHeroes & RoboCrops. Together they create a unique innovation festival for entrepreneurial impact makers, ambitious talent (students, entrepreneurs and professionals) and curious innovators and from inside and outside the Food & Flower industry.



This HeroFestival is different from former editions because together with about 200 participants YOU will decide upon their program. Check out the potential interactive sessions we will facilitate and select your favorite five. That’s fresh and lean, right? But there’s more value to offer:


  • CONNECT with students, startups, scale-ups and professionals at established companies from inside and outside the Food & Flower industry
  • LEARN from experienced innovators and entrepreneurial impact makers like Ramon Vullings (cross-industry expert) and Bas van Abel (Fairphone and De Clique) and ask them anything.
  • Get unique INSIGHTS on the POWER AND POTENTIAL of the coolest and most innovative industry in the Netherlands and learn about the challenges, innovations and new business models in our Horti/AgriFood industry.
  • Apply to PITCH OR SHOWCASE for our innovation community of HortiHeroes, RoboCrops and partners.
  • SHARE your ideas, failures, successes and fresh perspectives during interactive sessions where participants can actively JOIN.

Titaan, Saturnusstraat 95, 2516 AG, Den Haag, Zuid-Holland

8 June 13:00 - 18:30

Food, Network